Summer 2015

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Future twinning exchanges

The next visit to Meylan will take place over the weekend of 17th -20th September 2015. Plans are being made for a visit to the town of Vienne. There will also be plenty of time to get to know your hosts. For travel details see the separate panel.

Programme 2015 for Meylan visit

Chilton Festival

Chilton festival

Despite a very windy day, which meant that our display had to be re-located to inside the village hall, the twinning association members enjoyed the opportunity to share information about their activities with the people of Chilton.

Planegg and Didcot seal Town-partnership.

signingPlanegg -Planegg is now twinned with a fourth town: representatives from Planegg and English Didcot ratified the official twinning document in the Heide Volm building. The other towns twinned with Planegg are: French Meylan, Klausen in the South-Tyrol and Barenstein in Eastern Germany.A link with Didcot has already existed for two years, and reciprocal visits have already taken place. The English town sent nine representitives, headed by former mayor, town- councillor and member of the twinning-committee. Axel MacDonald. Planegg’s mayor Heinrich Hoffmann said (in English, naturally) that the official friendship with Didcot was something ‘unique’; and Planegg was now definitely ‘coupled’ with them. Meylan, which has been twinned with Didcot for many years, has for a while worked for the English to ‘come on board’. Hoffmann emphasized the importance of cultural exchange within Europe – above all, for youth. Axel MacDonald stressed in his delivery the similarities between the two communities: just as Planegg has the Max-Planck Campus in Martinsreid, so does Didcot have a thriving scientific environment. However (he said) it is not the scientific connection, but the friendship between the inhabitants of the two municipalities which is the most important factor.

Didcot has 22,000 inhabitants and is situated a few kilometres south of Oxford. The town hit the headlines a few years ago when environmentalists mounted a massive protest against its coal-fired power station. Today, Didcot accommodates various biotechnical enterprises. ( From the ‘Planegg Press’)