Twinning visits

Anyone can join a twinning visit – but members of the Association have priority if places are limited.

You will be expected to pay your own travel costs and arrange your own tickets although we do try to make sure we travel on the same flights/trains.

Once in the twin town, the majority of expenses (meals, entry fees, local travel) are paid by the host twinning organisation.

Although you do not have to be able to offer accommodation in return to our visitors, it does help if you can. We are always interested in finding new people to host our visitors.

You do not have to speak a foreign language to participate, as many of our visitors speak some English, but you will have plenty of opportunities to try out your language skills.

A recent visit to Meylan included a group of 16 children from Ladygrove Park Primary School in Didcot, with their head teacher and another member of staff. The children stayed with French families and worked with a class of children from a primary school in Meylan. We are hoping that further links will be made between more Didcot schools and schools in both Meylan and Planegg ensuring future interactions.

Visits usually include a day out to a local place of interest. We have seen a cheese factory, hydroelectric plant, caves and castles in France while in Germany we have been invited to the Oktoberfest, watched the maypole being put up in the town square and visited Munich and local lakes. In return we have shown visitors Oxford, Wittenham Clumps, the DownlandMuseum as well as Didcot s new town centre and the Street fair.