Didcot’s Twinning History


Officials from Meylan, France, first approached Didcot in the late 1990s. Why Didcot many ask, well there are 2 principal reasons. First,  Grenoble, the major city closest to Meylan, is twinned with Oxford and Meylan wanted to maintain that relationship.  Second,  both our towns have common scientific interests especially in the field of high-energy physics exemplified by the syncrotrons to be found in both our neighborhoods.  After several exploratory visits, an official twinning charter was signed in 1999. Since then there have been regular visits between the two towns. In addition to groups of residents from the Didcot area, we have also helped establish contacts between choirs, art groups, young people and schools.


Didcot and Planegg have been twinned since July 2013.   Planegg has been twinned with Meylan for over 25 years and the idea of a 3-way twinning prompted Planegg to ‘propose’ to us.  In addition we have shared scientific interests in both our regions.

Mayor of Planegg, Annemarie Detsch (R), and Mayor of Didcot, Axel Macdonald (L) present the newly signed twinning charter, in Didcot 2013.


Mayor of Planegg, Heinrich Hoffman (L), and Didcot Town Councillor, and previous mayor,  and Chair of Didcot Twinning Association, Axel Macdonald (R) sign the twinning document, in Planegg 27 March 2015.