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New Mayor of Meylan comes to Didcot It was a great pleasure to be able to welcome the new mayor of
Meylan, Damien Guiguet, and his wife Miriam to Didcot recently. The visit was arranged during the most recent twinning trip to Meylan, in September, and Councillor Bernard Cooper and his
wife, Sigrid, were delighted to be able to receive the Guiguets into their home.
Damien joined members of DIdcot Town Council at a lunch involving various business, schools and town council representatives as well as the army commander of our local barracks. He also visited St Birinus School where he featured prominently in their weekly newsletter. (click on image for a slideshow and Newsletter 57 for latest newsletter)

There was a dinner on the Monday night for him (hosted by Keith and Kate Beswick)
involving many of the Twinning Committee, Councillors and others to continue the discussions. On Thursday Damien, with Bernard Cooper and Geoff Oldham, met Said Hasnaoui who runs
the Oxford Science Festival. They discussed possibilities of Meylan and Didcot getting involved in the coming years.

Planegg students visit DGS
November saw a party of young people from the Feodor-Lynen Gymnasium meeting their counterparts at Didcot Girls’ School. As part of a trip to the UK, where the German students were based in Oxford, there was also time to visit a secondary school in their twin town. As it
was near to Christmas, at teatime they had a chance to sample mince pies and their teachers were presented with a traditional Christmas pudding. Members of the twinning committee joined the Planegg party in the afternoon.

Top pictures – visit of Damien Guiguet (mayor of Meylan)

Mayor of Didcot (Des Healy) receives a gift from the Mayor of Meylan before a lunch hosted by Charlie Robertson (Leader of Didcot Council)

Di Chester… (Former Head of Didcot Chamber of Commerce) presents Damien with one of the new bags to promote Didcot

Mme Miryam Guiguet, M. Damien Guiguet (Mayor of Meylan), Miss Turcan (French teacher) & Mrs Reading ( Head of Faculty of MFL) at St Birinus & Des Healy (Mayor of Didcot)

Twinning Association Dinner hosted by Kate & Keith Beswick for the Mayor of Meylan & his wife

Fiona Pryor, Mme Guiguet, the Mayor of Meylan & Dave Pryor at the Twinning Association Dinner

chairman of the Twinning Association (Axel Macdonald) with Sigrid & Bernard Cooper, Denise Macdonald & Keith Beswick at the Twinning Association Dinner

School Pictures – German visit

Geoff Oldham with Gabi Munz

Approximately 20 students & their teachers Gabi Munz & Elisabeth Buinger from the Feodor-Lynen Gymnasium, Planegg visited Didcot & spent time with their e-partners at DGS before going to the Didcot Street Fair.

Nicky Warnock, organising teacher at DGS, presented Gabi & Elisabeth with Christmas Puddings made at DGS by the school chef & a pupil

Group photo taken at Tea & Mince Pie reception with Headteacher & teachers from DGS, students & teachers from Planegg & members of Twinning Association before the Street Fair